We won't lie. There are some pretty simple reasons why The Juice Standard (TJS) rocks:

  • Our juices and nut milks are raw and pressed fresh daily. 

  • Our produce is organic.

  • Our juices are cold pressed...meaning we apply 15,000 pounds of pressure to produce to squeeze out every effing drop of nourishing juice for your sipping convenience. And...

  • Our juice is non-HPP...meaning it's bottled without "high pressure processing," a technique that lets some producers extend the shelf life of their so-called "fresh" product for up to six weeks (which we'd never do because we have standards).

Need more? Here's what we beelieve sets TJS from the rest:

  1. Since timing is everything...TJS's ‘round the clock fast formula keeps you full for a long, long time.

    No matter how many days you fast, we provide six 16-ounce bottles of beeautiful juice per fasting day, with recipes that were developed to keep you satiated (read: not bored). Less boredom=you're less likely to break your juicy cleansing commitment. Yay, You.

  2. Since we believe in #MissionNutrition…our menu suggests "remedies" for alleviating what ails you.

    Got high blood pressure? Want to trim your tummy? TJS's menu has suggested "remedies" that our juices and nut milks may alleviate based on targeted health concerns. This gives you, our Beeautiful Juicers, the power to drink TJS's 16-ounce "Singleton" bottles (or, to graduate to multi-day fasts) based on your dietary or health-boosting needs. You're welcome.

  3. Since TJS loves sustainability…our "Singletons" leave you with a little somethin-somethin after your liquid's gone.

    TJS's artfully retro 16-ounce glass bottles kick some pretty awesome ass, and are a tangible reminder of your commitment (and ours) to the environment. Glass is basically silica, which means even if bottles aren't recycled and have to head to a landfill, they'll break down to sand and re-enter the earth without harming it. And if you no wanna recycle them? No problem. They make beeautiful vessels for everything from pencils and chopsticks to grains, nuts and cereals in your pantry.

  4. Since it takes good stuff to make good stuff…if we can't source it organic, we simply won't serve it.

    Nuff said.

  5. Since home juicing's a hassle…TJS makes it crazy convenient to get fresh juice, any day, every day.

    We cold press our juice fresh 'n raw every freaking morning. No-hassle pickup at our three neighborhood locations and our on-Strip location at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas—at bright-and-early hours—means you can start juicing as soon as you think you want to. Like, now.

    So what's stopping you? Reserve your juice fast today, or come in for a totally free, we're-not-even-making-it-up-that-you-can-try-all-our-juices-for-no-money tasting. Next to our recipes, TJS is complimented most on our staff's wholeheartedness. Let them serve you. You'll be so glad you did.