A beeautiful entry into the world of juice fasting (also called "cleansing"). Comprising 96 ounces of juice per day, your juice consumption is split into six, 16-ounce bottles of our original-recipe flavors developed to deliver both maximum satisfaction (read: fullness) and crave-ability (read: taste). The recipes in this fast have been tested, tested, and tested again for their ability to keep you excited to crack open your next cold-pressed elixir. 


  • (2) Bee WHealthy™ —> our signature, nutrient-dense greens drink for total health management made from cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, apple, dandelion, parsley, lemon, ginger, and turmeric

  • (2) Bee Energized —> a beet-enhanced bottle of rooty goodness that sustains energy

  • (1) Bee Pure —> a traditional-tasting lemonade sweetened with apple and enhanced with gut-flushing dandelion OR (1) Bee Vibrant —> Bee Pure's spicy sistah-from-another-mistah, spiked with a cayenne, metabolism-boosting kick

  • (1) Bee Magnificent —> a vanilla-kissed nut milk made from raw cashews, dates, agave, Ceylon cinnamon, and vanilla bean, filled with enough good fats and heart-healthy magnesium to help you stay full during your sleepytime



This is for the seasoned juicer who is confident about navigating an all green-juice fast. (Strap on your safety belt: Total greens will put you on a veritable speedway toward glowing health!) Feelings of soaring energy and super-hero stardom can neither be confirmed nor denied.


  • (2) Bee WHealthy™

  • (2) Bee Alkaline —> a powerfully simple mix of cucumber, celery, kale, and radish that promotes an inner and outer glow

  • (1) Bee Pure OR or (1) Bee Vibrant

  • (1) Bee Magnificent


B.Y.O.F. - (Build Your Own Fast)

An exercise in craftsmanship and deliciousness, where the TJS staff will help you pair any six Singletons with your palate and health goals. (NOTE: While our staff is truly the bees' knees, do check with your trusted healthcare provider about any health-related questions about embarking on a fasting adventure. While each TJS recipe is made of fresh and organic produce and is packed with active enzymes, vitamins and minerals, not all of our Singleton bottles are meant for a B.Y.O.C.)

To learn about our flavors, mosey over here


TJS's original, wide-ranging recipes are designed with three things in mind: nutrition, satisfaction, and ragingly delicious taste.

As you rest and recharge your digestive system during a multi-day juice fast, you need to feel both satisfied and energized enough to want to continue your path to WHealth™ and glowing self...even if you're only downing juice for a spell. Each TJS recipe contains properly combined ingredients to deliver balanced nutrition—delivering the "oomph" you need to enjoy the most from your precious day—thanks to a wide variety of produce, herbs, spices, and nuts.

Here's what we focus on in our juice fasts: 

Truth? We didn't make up these categories. They're pretty widely known in juicy circles. But if you're a newbee juicer or faster, it's ace info, so you might as well hear it from us.

Greens like kale, chard and spinach are the leafy veggies we use in our most nutrient-dense recipes because they oxygenate the body and help release the most toxins at once. (Think about it: If leaves can turn sunlight into food—which is called chlorophyll—imagine how you'll feel when you guzzle all that energy?!) 

Roots are vegetables with a little more natural sugar than other veggies (think beets and carrots), but when correctly combined with complementary vegetables with less sugar, roots are superior energy boosters. 

Clears are what the industry widely refers to as the ingredients that are pretty much what they sound like. These worker-bee juices are clear (except for a hint of color, in some cases) and are meant to naturally float and flush the nasties outta yo' bod while keeping you hydrated and refreshed. TJS uses lots of energizing, toxin-ridding, appetite-suppressing lemon, as well as cooling and hydrating watermelon and cucumber in many of our elixirs. 

Nut Milk contains zero dairy yet it's allllll creamy goodness. We soak and extract liquid from protein-rich cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, and walnuts, and add just the right sweetness and spiceness to make the whole thing delicious. We strategically include a nut milk in our fasts because at around 400 calories a bottle, its bone-healthy magnesium and heart-healthy, monounsaturated fats are both good at feeding your body nutrients and being a satisfying end to your fast day, often helping sleep come easier.


  • Fasts are $59/day (plus tax) and include six, 16-ounce glass bottles (we call 'em "Singletons"). 

  • Pending your desire for euphoric wellness, TJS accommodates juice fasts of any duration. A fast of three or more days is most effective...but don't feel pressured if you're a newbee faster. And remember: If you ever wanna extend your fast by a day or two on the spur-of-the-moment, TJS is open bright and early. (Check the hours at each individual location before heading over, though.)

  • All our juices and nut milks are sold as if you luv a certain flave and want more of it, you can always drink outside the lines of your fast and get some extras.

  • Because TJS is committed to the seasonability and sustainability of our recipes, products will be available according to what’s in season. And, since we only press organic produce, if somethin's up with a crop (happens), our commitment to abiding by Mo'Nature means we'll hold a flavor until we can source it organic.