What is a juice fast?
A juice fast (also called a cleanse) is a set period of time where people drink fresh juice to reduce stress on their digestive system. When you take pounds of produce and cold press the hell outta 'em, the liquid left behind is nutrient dense and able to get into your system with minimal effort. Within 15 minutes, your body absorbs everything it needs from what you’ve been drinking. And you won’t feel overly full or uncomfortable from drinking all that produce, and you won’t feel hungry, either. Just satisfied.

Why is resting my digestion important?
It’s not so much that your digestion needs a break, per se. It takes your body a lot of energy to fuel the digestion process; but when you don’t have to break down food, you end up with all that energy left over which can be spent bringing greater focus to your mind, energizing your everyday activities and enhancing your alertness…all because you’re not busy digesting solids. A bonus is that you are also adding phytonutrients and enzymes to your system that react with the nutritional building blocks in juice, helping to build beautiful bodies from the inside out. (Click around our Vegucation section to learn more about enzymes, phytos and the like.)

How many days should I fast?
It's sooooo personal, but in our experience, one-, three-, five- and 10-day fasts are realistic and achievable. The more days you fast, the more you clean out that 26-foot digestive tract of yours and purge it of toxins, fats, metals, and the free radicals our body absorbs from the environment every day. And what happens when that stuff gets out of your body? You have improved energy, weight loss, skin, and even immunity against viruses and other pathogens…all because your body isn’t working so hard to digest solids.

If you need help deciding how long to fast, ask us. Click around the site to learn more about the juices we offer and how we can help you achieve maximum health. Because remember: Your health is your true wealth.

Do people juice to lose weight?
The easy answer is yes; but promoting weight loss ain't our MO...it’s more of a happy side effect.

Since we profoundly believe that our life's true wealth is our health, our goal—our #MissionNutrition—is helping people achieve overall WHealth. But it’s true that a juice fast comprises about 1000 calories a day, so depending on one’s cleanse duration and metabolism, many people tend to lose a few pounds.

Keep in mind that most of it in the beginning is a combination of water weight and junk stored in the nooks and crannies of your 26-foot digestive tract. Should you decide to implement juicing into your daily lifestyle, replacing a meal a day with juice (or even juicing for one or two days a week) may help you maintain the few pounds you may shed during an initial cleanse and keep them off.

Why fast? Isn’t my liver designed to cleanse my bod?
There are different ways to clean out your insides. Some people choose to abstain from all solid foods and drink only water and herbal teas, but that type of fast requires a lot of mental and physical control. Of course it’s effective at cleansing the system and it's excellent if you’re on a spiritual journey in search of clarity (many world religions use fasting in this way)…but the same clarity and health can actually be achieved without all the hunger by drinking juice. What’s in a bottle of juice—pounds of produce!—fills you with nutrition while the digestive system gets a thorough excavation from soluble fiber.

As for the liver, yessiree, your liver is there to clean your blood and body from impurities. But drinking only juice for one, three, five or more days actually clears your digestive tract, improves nutrition absorption, increases hydration, improves brain function, and increases energy levels.

How often can I fast?
It’s really so personal. Some people do a big fast once or twice a year, some people do it quarterly (when the seasons change is always nice). For us at The Juice Standard, we believe in chewing; we believe in juicing; we believe in balance; and we believe you can decide what’s right for you. If you have concerns, listening to your medical or holistic professional’s advice is always a good idea.

Can anyone fast?
If you have concerns, talk with your healthcare professional.

I’m a juice fast newbee. Got any advice?

  1. Drink plenty of water between juices. Proper hydration keeps hunger pangs at bay.

  2. Our Standard Fast and The Green Standard contain six glass 16 ounce bottles per day, a total of 96 ounces. You can drink half and refrigerate the rest if you feel its too much in one sitting. The idea is to drink the juice over the course of 2 hours or so and them move to the next juice. Please don’t feel that you must consume the whole bottle right away. Most important: set a timer on your phone so you don’t forget to drink your juices! See, if you do forget and go too long, then you risk felling voraciously hungry. It can be difficult to rebound if you let this happen. Please READ the cleans insert we give when you purchase a cleanse for more helpful juice-cleansing nuggets. Happy Juicing!

  3. In the words of our friend Bryce, “Once a juice cleanse has begun, never trust a fart.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s the price for inner beauty, people!



What does it really mean for a juice to be "raw?"
Raw juice is juice that's never been heated. Since heating most fruits and vegetables decreases their vitamin richness and kills their enzymes (which are the things that make fruits and vegetables such health powerhouses in the first place), raw juice is filled with a sort of vital life force that's just not in processed juice. (And for the record, all of our juice is bottled up raw and is never, ever subjected to heat that would kill off a speck of its goodness.)

What does "HPP" mean, and why is it important that The Juice Standard juice is "non-HPP?"
HPP stands for "high pressure processing," and it's a technique that allows juice producers to extend the shelf life of their product by up to six weeks. That may be great for sales, but we believe juice is pretty much dead by then. And since we think juice should be super fresh, vital and enzyme rich, we'd never dream of using HPP to bottle our juice. After all...we have standards!


What do you mean by #PressedIsBest?
The process of cold pressing our produce lets us extract every ounce of nutrient-dense plant juice for your body’s maximum absorption. More than the centrifugal machines you’ve probably seen in juice bars or even owned in your own home—machines that whirr and grind produce at high speeds to get the juice out—cold pressing keeps more vitamins and minerals in the juice because any amount of heat will start to oxidize the liquid (i.e., kill off the healthy stuff in it).

We won't lie: it’s work! But we deeply believe that cold pressing helps people stay WHealthy.

Does cold pressing *really* make the juice taste better?
At their core, each of our recipes are raw, probiotic, active enzyme-filled, mineralized, phytonutrient-dense, vitamin-rich plant osmosis waters made from the finest ingredients on Earth. We happen to think you will find them very, very satisfying.

Really? Really.

Is cold-pressed juice better for me?
Yes. And here’s how we know. If you’ve ever made juice in a centrifugal juicer or watched your made-to-order juice at a juice bar be concocted, you know that the fibrous part of the produce that’s spit out by the machine looks kind of squishy and heavy. It’s called “pulp,” and it looks like that because there’s still a lot of liquid left in it that gets thrown out with the pulp. Not only is that wasteful, but it means tons of nutrition goes into the trash, not your glass.

When TJS cold presses juice it takes POUNDS of produce to make every bottle, and the pulp that’s left over is virtually dry. That means we’re able to make a more nutrient-dense elixir...and that means yes, cold-pressed juice is better for you.

What makes your cleanses so convenient? A few things:

  1. We can accommodate any juicer’s needs, making our cleanses extremely easy to fit any lifestyle.

  2. Buying juice from us rather than making it at home saves you countless hours of produce shopping, prepping, juicing and cleanup.

  3. Finding good recipes that are nutritionally balanced and taste amazing can be hard! Since our recipes are taste- and time-perfected and have been sampled by hundreds of juicers in our network, you can confidently open any bottle and know from the get-go it’s not only good for you, but it tastes delicious, too.

What about your juice’s shelf life?
Safety-wise, our juice must remain cold and be consumed by the end of the day on each bottle’s date label, for maximum nutrition and for the least risk of spoilage. It’s also best to drink the juice within 15 minutes of cracking open a bottle since juice starts to break down as soon as air hits it.

My friends’ kids love your juice yet they’re not into veggies. How do you do it?
Nuts, right? Since most folks think that if you don’t like eating spinach you’d never want to drink it, but from the start of our company we’ve shared juice with our network of friends and family, and none have been more honest than our youngest testers, like Marcella’s kiddos! In our experience, about half of all kids we know will drink the green juices, but nearly all kids love anything with cucumber, carrot and pineapple (and they really dig our nut milks). Think of it: Happy, healthy, smiling children who are drinking all the fruits and vegetables you’ve dreamed they would! Heaven.


What prompted the launch of the company?
Each of us found our own path toward nutrition and the power of juice in our own way. Jamie’s experience with caring for sick loved ones and watching how miraculously juice has changed peoples lives led her toward a path of WHealth and wanting to serve her community in Las Vegas with health convenience. Marcella’s four children absolutely love pressed juice, which means that as a busy mother she gets to feel great—never guilty!—about the smart food choices her kids make. Since each of our epiphanies, juice has been a major player in our own healthful evolution…but knowing what a pain it is to make at home, we decided to give back to our city by launching a homegrown Las Vegas company that presses every drop of awesomeness from produce sourced locally and responsibly. We wanted to make it obscenely easy to drink your fruits and veggies...to make juicing in Sin City convenient! No mess. No stress. Just raw, unprocessed goodness in a bottle. We love making make nutritious, delicious every sip of the way!

With so many juice companies in the marketplace, what sets TJS apart from others?
We honestly believe it’s our mindful blend of fruits and veggies that tastefully allow our customers to enjoy and commit to juicing!  Also, our customers can arrange for pickup at our store, and our singleton bottles of juice and nut milk are all snazzy and glassy, and you can recycle them in your community (or repurpose them around your home or office!).

TJS' mandatory health disclaimer
Please know that it is by law that we must inform you of the following:

Warning: TJS' products have not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We do not sell products intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What was the inspiration for TJS
Thought you’d never ask.

What inspires us is the bee. The bee’s connection to the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence and Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man—the beautiful patterns in nature that showcase divine proportion—offers us insight into how natural systems work, and how they may work within our own bodies. TJS represents a standard in health, because an investment in health, your most valuable wealth, is the finest investment one can make. Feeling and functioning at the highest levels of your mind, body and spirit is what living is all about.

What’s “WHealthy™?”
WHealthy is our clever way of highlighting with every signature we sign, every event we attend—with every customer we serve!—that we believe “your health is your wealth.” In our circles, and maybe yours, too, we’ve known a gal who’s known a guy who’s known somebody else who talked up how energized they felt while juicing. And whether you drink a bottle of juice every day, whether you drink juice all day for one day each week, or if you decide to embark on a multi-day cleanse, we profoundly believe that the best way to enhance your health, lose weight or just feel energized is with TJS' cold-pressed juice. And since good health is priceless, we so deeply associate “health” and “wealth” that the whole “Be WHealthy” idea just makes sense.

You’re headquartered in Las Vegas? Mmmmwhy?
Aside from the fact that we live in Las Vegas, there are tons of juiceries on both coasts but there aren’t many here (we’re actually the only women-owned dynamic duo doing the cold-pressed thing in the Valley). We continuously try to better understand the Las Vegas industry, its unique culture, the desert, and the dynamic people who live here, and we deeply believe that juice can help energize everyone from public relations professionals and independent restaurateurs to casino hosts and food and cocktail servers of all kinds. Las Vegas started taking a turn toward more mindful health years ago. We’re just helping it along.