We are makers of GratiJuice—The Juice Standard (TJS, as we like to say), and we salute you.

Why? Beecause you juice! Whether for health or for taste, or for keeping your insides clean or your outsides lean...you’ve made juicing a tool in your wellness toolbox for maintaining optimum health. And we freaking love that.

TJS was founded by two health conscious, food-savvy Las Vegas women who have learned that the road to WHealth™ and glowing self (…esteem, that is) is paved with the bottle tops of juice, not medicine. For years they knew juicers who praised juicing’s effects but hated making it: the machine (expensive); the time (buying and prepping produce); the mess (pulp in places you so don’t want it). When they started doling out the raw, cold-pressed elixirs they'd been making in their kitchens, they watched people’s energy rise, skin glow and pounds shed. People were getting clean from the inside out.

Today, TJS applies 15,000 pounds of pressure to organic produce to elicit cold-pressed goodness that's then bottled for your sipping convenience. Always raw. Always pressed daily (every morn at 5, thanks for asking). And never with the high-pressure processing (HPP) that allows some producers to extend the shelf life of their "fresh" product up to six weeks...which to us elicits a whole lotta dead juice. Just as deliciously refreshing to crack open as that carbonated canned shit we were raised to love, every bottle of TJS cold-pressed juice contains 2-3 pounds of pressed produce, which conveniently delivers the nutrition your bod needs as a pick-me-up snack or a full-on meal.

Our Philosophee.

There’s a splendid little ratio in the Universe that gives meaning to the patterns of everything from the spiral of a sunflower’s seeds to the proportional distance from your head to your feet. Called “the golden ratio,” “the golden mean” or “divine proportion,” the number 1.618 remains the statistical definition of divine balance…a balance that refers to something near and dear to our hearts: the ancestry code of honeybees.

Ahh, the honeybee. In honeybee colonies across the globe there’s the precise ratio of one male worker bee to 1.618 female honeybees (divine proportion at work!). Honeybees also pollinate one ingredient in every three bites of food we eat! But that bugger does something else, too: A bee’s ability to synergize is practically incomprehensible! And that is a symbol for how TJS strives to operate: honoring community and communication, all for a common cause.

See, a hive operates holistically thanks to the sum of its parts. It sustains nearly every species—flowers, bears, humans—by pollinating the food needed for survival. The world is a better, more beautiful and a far more delicious place beecause of the bee! Likewise, we at TJS like to think of our juice as the pollen that helps WHealthy™ bodies and minds strive to thrive, and that our wholehearted Human Bees behind our counters mimic their winged cousins as they pollinate knowledge about our products.

That’s why everything we cold press for you, our Beeautiful Juicers, is organic and powered by our reverence for (and our desire to protect the integrity of) the honeybee. So when you see our humble little logo with its honeycomb and bee—when you read our “bee” references and our cheeky use of the double “e”—you’ll understand that to us, “To bee or not to bee” is more than Shakespearean poetry. Bees have a near-perfect place in nature. And The Juice Standard strives to bring that kind of perfectly natural goodness to you.

Invite Us On Your Journee.

Do you #DrinkYourVeggies? Do you love a #LiquidLunch? Want to embark on #MissionNutrition? Or do you need a little handholding with all this juicing business? Lucky for you we have soft hands and lots of passion, and we’ll guide you toward single-serve juices and multi-day cleanses that will take your WHealth™ and glowing self to the next level (and keep it there).

So here’s to you, Beeautiful Juicer! Packed with nutrition and taste, TJS is changing how people can reach their ultimate health high, one raw, cold-pressed, crack-it-open bottle at a time.

GratiJuice is The Juice Standard. And we're making nutritious, delicious…every sip of the way.