Got questions? We gots answers.

So...Why Do People Go On Juice Fasts?
Is it to slim for a special event? Recalibrate after indulgent eating? Maybe it’s to achieve the kind of mental clarity that comes from gently sipping your nutrients rather than laboriously chewing them?

There’s no wrong answer since juice fasts (also called "cleanses") effectively rest our insides (and often our busy brains, too) by giving our digestive tracts a vacation from breaking down whole foods, letting it almost effortlessly absorb the nutrient-dense goodness in cold-pressed juice.

What Are Some Benefits?
In no particular order (ahem…)

  • We press every drop of nutrition from the locally sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients in our recipes, using massive machines that turn produce to pulp-free pressed juice. Pressing juice rather than whirling and grinding it means it retains more nutrients and enzymes from being exposed to minimal heat.

  • In just 15 minutes your body’s cells absorb the juice you drink, which leaves you satisfied, filled with nutrition and far from hungry. Another benefit? Our cleanses are uniquely designed to have you sip steady amounts more often, which cuts down on feeling hungry. More about that over on our juice fast package page.

  • Juice fasts purge toxins, fats, metals, free radicals, and other icky stuff from your system, resulting in weight loss and glowy skin, increased energy and inner reflection. You can’t put a price on that stuff.

How Long Should You Be On A Juice Fast?
One to five days is the norm, but we can accommodate you for as long as you want to rest your body. (Some of our clients go 30 days on juice alone and love it!)

Is Hardcore Juice Fasting The Only Way To Wellness?
Hells no! 

If your social cal is too packed or thoughts of an all-liquid diet make you cry, our green juices are fantabulous meal replacements. In fact, our co-founder Marcella grabs a bottle for lunch when she’s too busy to stop working. Juice gives her the fastest and healthiest way to fill up while not missing the beats she’d lose sitting down for a “chewing” meal. (You should try it.)

So no: If you shun rules and regimen, if you feel like something in your system’s a little wackadoo (i.e., you're having breakouts or tummy trubs), or if you just need a “skinny day,” swap out a few meals or any convenience or processed foods that may have sneakily crept into your diet with our no-sugar-added, cold-pressed juice. Biiiiig diff.

Want To Learn More About Our Fasts?

Click here. Better yet, come in for a complimentary juice tasting and see for yourself which TJS tickles your fancy!