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Bee Part Of The Team—>General Manager

Bee Part Of The Team—>General Manager




Are you passionate about environmental integrity and sustainability? Does nutrition excite you? Are you driven toward achieving optimal health for yourself…and does that drive make you passionate about sharing, educating and helping others achieve the same?

What if we told you that the leadership team of a dynamic, growing organization that shares your very same passion, drive and desire to make a difference in the world is seeking a general manager? Because The Juice Standard in Las Vegas, Nevada, is looking for someone like you.



First of all, the job is about fit: The Juice Standard absolutely has to fit you and your needs, and we want you to fit ours. If we align, we will do amazing things together.

As a starting point, we've drafted a thoughtful and comprehensive explanation to help you understand our company’s culture, the full nature of this position and what we believe the “right fit” looks like to us.

We won't lie: This is a big job. If it sounds like you, we should talk! 


 The MINDSET of The Juice Standard’s next general manager is…

 …confident, and filled with integrity as he or she personifies their deep-seated value of world-class customer service, nutrition and environmental responsibility. 

This person is a problem solver who exercises critical thinking, emotional intelligence and compassion when dealing with all people. This person exudes an approachable presence while feeling comfortable in his or her leadership and management role. This person is unafraid to do the right thing…even when it’s hard.

The Juice Standard’s next general manager helps drive the company’s growth while maintaining stability; and, with their entrepreneurial mind, they work on behalf of the business as if it’s their own. This person is a team member, and as a part of The Juice Standard family this person is loyal, dedicated, open, honest, direct, respectful, and unafraid to speak his or her truth. 

This person is a humble leader who is more interested in celebrating a team win than winning alone.  

The BUSINESS SAVVINESS of The Juice Standard’s next general manager…

 …allows him or her to innovatively and thoroughly manage all operational details of the business, including but not limited to:

  • Hiring and addressing performance issues including terminations and training; 
  • Dealing with suppliers;
  • Reviewing sales and trends (as part of financial management), as well as employee files and records;
  • Reporting, communicating, understanding, operating, and selecting future food-management software and systems;
  • Reporting on sales, COG, P & L, payroll, pro-forma balance sheets, and all other financial aspects of the business;
  • Leading and directing store managers to perform the above functions at a location level;
  • Leading weekly and monthly meetings with managers and founders for the purposes of accountability, training and direction; and,
  • Daily quality-control maintenance.

The HEART of The Juice Standard’s next general manager…

 …inspires excitement among fellow employees about working for this awesomely wholehearted company—leading by example!—as he or she exercises dynamic communication skills, both internally and externally. This person connects on a human level to a wide spectrum of people and makes them feel warm and welcome. The Juice Standard's general manager is an encouraging, inspiring, empathetic, and results-oriented manager whose success stems from positivity. 

The Juice Standard’s general manager is a team leader who looks at each employee holistically, and helps them develop both personally and professionally. He or she is able to challenge employees to grow and develop their own interests while connecting their interests with those of The Juice Standard. This person carefully hires new team members who fit The Juice Standard’s culture…people who may have the potential to be future leaders in the company.

The EFFICACY of The Juice Standard’s next general manager…

…brings out the best in all The Juice Standard employees to the benefit of the company’s customers and resulting in our customers' utter delight! This person inspires The Juice Standard’s customers to think of and refer to the company as “noteworthy” and “remarkable.”  This person creates a truly world-class customer experience that generates a customer’s genuine excitement about being at any one of the company’s locations. This person is literate with social media and understands the importance of various communication platforms to help the customer feel connected to The Juice Standard.

The Juice Standard’s newest general manager strives to remove the company’s two founders from day-to-day business operations (to the extent possible) so that the founders may continue to grow the business and drive its underlying reason for existence.  

 Does all of this get you juiced? If the above sounds like you, please read on...


Self-Management: Demonstrates self control and an ability to manage time and priorities.

  • Independently pursues business objectives in an organized and efficient manner
  • Prioritizes activities to meet job responsibilities
  • Maintains required level of activity toward achieving goals without direct supervision
  • Minimizes workflow disruptions and time wasters to complete high-quality work within a specific time

Diplomacy & Tact: Treats others fairly, regardless of personal biases or beliefs.

  • Maintains positive relationships through equitable and fair treatment
  • Demonstrates respect
  • Understands, values and respects diversity in people and ideas 

 Customer Centric: Committed to customer satisfaction.

  • Consistently places a high value on customers and all issues related to them
  • Objectively listens to, understands and represents customer feedback
  • Anticipates customer needs and develops appropriate solutions
  • Meets all promises and commitments made to customers

 Leadership: Achieves extraordinary business results through positive relationships with people.

  • Inspires others with their compelling vision
  • Takes risks for the sake of principles, values or missions
  • Builds trust and demonstrates integrity with a noticeable congruence between words and actions (i.e., “walks their talk”)
  • Demonstrates optimism and positivity, and fosters its reciprocity from others
  • Appropriately delegates responsibilities and authority
  • Involves people in decisions that effect them
  • Addresses performance issues promptly, fairly and consistently
  • Adapts methods and approaches to the needs and motivations of others
  • Makes decisions to avoid or mitigate negative consequences
  • Demonstrates loyalty to constituents

 Personal Accountability: Capable of answering for one’s actions.

  • Accepts personal responsibility for the consequences of personal actions
  • Avoids placing unnecessary blame
  • Maintains personal commitment to objectives regardless of the success or failure of personal decisions
  • Applies personal lessons learned from past failures to moving toward future successes

 Teamwork: Works effectively and productively with others.

  • Respects team members and their individual perspectives
  • Prioritizes team missions and objectives
  • Works toward consensus when team decisions are required
  • Meets agreed-upon deadlines for team assignments and commitments
  • Shares responsibility with team members for successes and failures
  • Keeps team members informed regarding projects
  • Supports team decisions
  • Recognizes and appreciates the contributions of team members
  • Behaves in a manner consistent with team values and mission
  • Provides constructive feedback to team and its members
  • Responds positively to feedback from team members
  • Raises and/or confronts issues that limit team effectiveness

 Goal Achievement: Identifies and prioritizes activities that lead to a goal.

  • Establishes goals that are relevant, realistic and attainable
  • Identifies and implements required plans and milestones to achieve specific business goals
  • Initiates activity toward goals without unnecessary delay
  • Stays focused to complete goals regardless of obstacles or adverse circumstances



  1. At least 3 years of management experience inclusive but not limited to supervising management-level employees
  2. Ability to work 50-60 hours per week, including weekends
  3. Successful background check and drug test
  4. Optimistic life outlook


  1. At least 3 years of management experience inclusive but not limited to supervising management-level employees in the hospitality or food and beverage industries
  2. Certification in ServSafe Management or an equivalent certification


This position offers tremendous growth opportunity for the right individual. Please note: Company-provided medical and dental benefits not available at this time.


Are ya bleary-eyed? Did you make it through all that? Do you still feel juiced? Does this sound like you? Is this your dream job? Then we should talk. Please click on this link to download the TJS application, fill it out, and email the application and a cover letter to:


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