Making Nutritious Delicious, Every Sip of the Way
Meet Our Juices

Meet Our Juices

Well Hello, Beeautiful Juicer!

Our inventory has embarked on a major photo shoot...but until every item is ready for its 15 minutes of fame, if you're dying to see what our juice looks like, hop in the car and head to our neighborhood stores—"The Hive" at 4455 S. Ft. Apache Rd. (near Summerlin); "The Rose" at 2530 St. Rose Pkwy. (in Henderson)—and "The Buzz" on the Las Vegas Strip at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas—so you can see (and better yet, sample!) our juice and nut milk for yourself.

Please click below to view our current menus for Summerlin and Green Valley locations.


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