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Juice Fast Challenge

Juice Fast Challenge

Juice Fast Challenge

Are you—or is someone you love—sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Please register here for a chance to win a complimentary 10-day juice fast with The Juice Standard!  We will pre-package your juices, support and juice-u-cate you through your 10-day juicing journey.

Scared it's going to be trauma? DON’T bee! Look: There is an absolute difference between filling your tummy and feeding your body. Raw, organic, pure fruit and mostly veggie juice is packed with all that your body needs to THRIVE. Just because you aren’t chewing doesn’t mean this isn’t REAL FOOD! 

Consider this: Many people don’t even realize what it feels like to be truly hungry. Instead, hunger pangs can be the effect of other things like sugar withdrawal; withdrawal symptoms from other harmful carbohydrates filled with candida, gluten and other fillers with strange names. Hells, dehydration presents first as whenever you fell that growl-growl-growl, grab a glass of aqua, first.

Let us document your juice journey on a 10-day juice fast!

The benefits of a juice fast are endless but here are a few things you can expect:

1. You’ll notice that you may miss the habit of chewing but strangely you’ll notice you’re not really hungry.

2. Lots of energy.

3. Your taste buds have changed and your cravings for crap foods have subsided.

4. Mental clarity, memory, alertness – all without drinking coffee. This is because your liver and kidneys are being filtered and are working optimally.

5. Your immune system is boosted and can now prevent you from seasonal sickies.

6. Slim feeling. Weight loss is not the reason we promote juice cleansing but it is a side-effect. (You’re welcome.)

What we want from you:

1. Personal info (Name/Age/Weight)

2. Medical disclaimer: Please consult with your healthcare provider before registering for the challenge and get his/her approval for you to participate.  

3. Before and after photo (selfie time!).

4. A daily journal of experience—both good feels and bad!

5. Overall goal and/or reason for participating in the juice fast challenge.

6. Waiver/release clearing us to post the journey onto our social media (we will provide to you).

This cleanse will kick start XXX-DATE

Are you are up for the CHALLENGE? Please email us:

Include a photo and your name, age, weight, ad reason for participating. We will notify the winner by XXX-Date.

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