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You. Beeautiful Little You. You juice for life, for health and for taste. You juice beecause you're nothing less than brilliant, and you know that drinking raw, organic, cold-pressed juice is one of the easiest ways to undo the world o' hurt we do to our bods every day. You juice beecause it slims you, trims you and alleviates what ails you from the inside out. You juice beecause you know your diet affects your mental health and you command control over how you feel.

You juice beecause it's simply one of the rightest things to do. 

So here's to you! We're The Juice Standard,
Las Vegas' premiere cold-pressed juicery. And these are our standards:

Committed To Organics

If We Can't Source It Organic, We Simply Won't Serve It.

Zero High-Pressure Processing (HPP)

Pressing RAW, Serving FRESH, Daily. No Sterile Juice Here.

Environmentally Sound

Reduce (glass bottles). Re-Use (glass bottles). Recycle (glass bottles). Refund (glass bottles). Respect.
(We use glass bottles and we cannot lie....)

Customer Centric

Handholding Staff Lights Up Your WHealthy™ Path.

Purpose Driven

Protecting Bees • Honoring Farmers • Supporting Local • Revering Staff • Embracing Transparency • Creating Awareness • Nurturing Health • Serving Quality • Spreading Love

Raise Your Juice Standards

Meet The Juices.

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